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Aryan Automation Rapid Roll-up doors are a type of high speed doors with the technological evolution of the old pvc strips or slow and heavy sectional doors which, today, have proved inappropriate for industrial needs. The roll up door is a product that seeks to solve the problems of fast handling in divided environments. The roll up door is a safe product that eliminates problems in the interaction between man and machines . The rapid roll-up doors are formed by a steel skeleton covered by a pvc mantel. Because of the photocells and side barriers it ensures total product safety and will not cause harm to those who use it.

Area of Interest : - the field of hospital hot rooms, where the speed and assurance of reliability is everything - supermarkets , where you must ensure speed of passage which also provides a protection barrier for unauthorized personnel, - the automotive industry, where you must ensure that a correct sequence of tasks by robots and men is repeatedly carried out.


Standard Type High Speed Roll Up Door

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Servo Type High Speed Rool Up Door

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Rapid Rollup Door for Supermarket

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Servo Motor Controlled Control Panel

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